International Training and Development Center

Vision Statement

We seek to be a nationally recognized provider of sustainable community development work in Yemen, in which poverty in reduced and the dignity of the individual is protected.


Mission Statement

We want to increase the quality of life in individuals, families, local communities and their socio-economic situation through participatory, appreciative, and sustainable programs. Through our international diversity and variety of resources, we aim to support the fulfillment of the Millenium Development Goals in partnership with the Yemeni Government and local communities.

We facilitate this through the...

1. Strengthening of Theoretical Education

2. Provision of Vocational Training

3. Delivery of Community Development



Guided by the aspiration of local communities and in coordination with the society, we pursue our mission with excellence, compassion and sensitivity, because the people of Yemen deserve nothing less.  Our organizational shared values are as follows...

1. Trust

2. Cultural Relevance

3. Creativity

4. Professionalism

5. Multi-lateral Partnership


Organizational Goals and Objectives

The ITDC is aiming to continue its valid role in the city of Taiz through its contribution of development work.  The fundamental, long-range goals for our work are not only to provide relevant service to the community, but also to empower civil society (especially women and youth) to participate in the development of the nation.  the following objectives and goals act as guides to the organization, its programs, and its service.

1. Provide relevant and dynamic training for building the capacity of the civil society, especially its economic state

2. Support the improvement of secondary and post-secondary education

3. Partner with local and international groups for the sharing of responsibility and resources

4. Establish a professional, recognized, organizational reputation in all spheres of society

5. Develop sufficient availability of broad financial resources.