International Training and Development Center



Taiz is a city where the modern meets the traditional in one place.  The Taizi people are famous for their hospitality, genuine friendliness, and desire for education and development.  The city itself is situated alongside of a jutting, beautiful mountain, and is surrounded by numerous farming communities. 

Taiz has developed quickly over the last ten years, and still has enormous needs.  The 45% unemployement rate is massive and presents a challenge to the local population.  The young people especially are full of desire for progress and growth, and it is for this reason that ITDC focuses its projects on the capacity development of these young people, both men and women. 

The city and people of Taiz, along with their desire for progress, have been a huge motivation for the organization to offer sacrificial service to them for the last 40 years and the Taizi people also drive us forward as we plan our projects in the future.